Hi guys,

I've always used GoDaddy to rego domains. I just switch to Namecheap. With namecheap the whoisguard does not get applied automatically, you have to rego the domain AND then apply the whoisguard to the domain. So there is a period where the domain whoIS... your name... is out in the open.
I always thought with Godaddy it was completely private. That your details NEVER went public if you chose the option to protect privacy.
But now im think that GoDaddy might be the same. That you rego the domain, your details go public for a a few seconds or so (enough time for Google to add the info to their database that you own the domain) and then apply the privacy.
Does anyone know how it ACTUALLY works? Is this, or could this, be the case? Is completely private domain rego just a fantasy? Also, i dont need people posting that if you dont do anything wrong then there is no reason to have private who is. I want completely private domain rego - i got my reasons :-)