I was surfing Google blog search today seeing if there was anything new related to real estate. I ran across a blog post about Google and Trulia joining forces for Google to supply real estate listings. I wont go in to a long story about it.

So after reading about this joint venture I decided I was going to check my server logs for one of our company sites. I noticed a stranger link from an external page coming in to the site: tools.trulia.com/outworx/complete_site_db.php

After seeing this and the url it got me to wondering whether Trulia is scraping sites that have this raw data feed from their MLS. Before I go on any further how do some of you programmers see this URL?

If this is what I think it is then it will shed a whole new light on this Google and Trulia partnership.

Just a quick update we have not setup a feed with Trulia for our MLS data.