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Thread: Does the order of content matter?

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    Does the order of content matter?

    Sorry about the poor subject line.

    I did some searching on this forum and elsewhere trying to determine if the order of content within a page's HTML matters to Google (or other search engines for that matter). Is there more value/relevance placed on content near the beginning of the HTML than the stuff near the bottom of the page?
    I ask because I have a 3-column site currently built using tables that has a long laundry-list type navigation menu that runs down the left side of the page and appears very early in the HTML. I'm working on a redesign and am considering positioning the menu using CSS but having the menu be the last thing rendered in the HTML. The idea is that the more "valuable" content appears much sooner in the page. Any thoughts on this and how it might impact how Google processes the page? I'm sure this is not a new concept and someone out there has tested the theory out a bit.

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    the order does not matter...but the keywords in it do matter...PM me if you need a list of keywords

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    I believe order matters. If the ideas on the content of your page are not properly arranged people may not fully understand it. They would not bother to visit your site again.

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    Don't think about order but need be careful about information. If you blog or website is highly informative Google will love those without any backlinks. I found some of my blog posts are in the first page of Google just because of uniqueness and good information. So, write something that really helps people base on their search.

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    I think there is only once place where order matters. The top of the page needs to be add light. If the columns have adds at the top, or make your page look overly add filled then you could get pinged. Just make sure that the columns content flows well for real readers.

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