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Thread: Move to different shopping cart

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    Junior Member Lesya is on a distinguished road
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    Move to different shopping cart

    How to move to different shopping cart avoiding mistakes and data loss? can this process be automated?

    Now it's quite easy with web service called Cart2Cart that automates the migration from one shopping cart to another. Different migration options are possible concerning following shopping carts: CRE Loaded, X-Cart, Zen Cart, Magento, Pinnacle Cart, CubeCart, etc.

    Service is currently running in beta mode. All registered users get additional 2 500 credits for free.

    Get more info at Cart2Cart - Automated Shopping Cart Migration

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    Junior Member bostermax is on a distinguished road
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    Re: Move to different shopping cart

    You can get many of great shopping cart solutions out there. Most of them have the same defect. So It can be easy for many shopping carts transmigrating your being storefronts for free or low cost.

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    Junior Member herrry.orason is on a distinguished road
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    Re: Move to different shopping cart

    its a territorial thing and an "oh look at me I'm better then you cause i eat healthy and you don't"
    And you just want to kill yourself because you know it's going to take you 5 minutes just to push in and get your one carton of plain yogurt. Anyway- don't look surprised when your hogging the aisle like that and someone calls you the "C" word like I always do....Your actions deserve much worse!

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    Member GoMage is on a distinguished road
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    Re: Move to different shopping cart

    Hi, have you heard about GoMage Feed Pro extension? This extension will allow you to submit your product data to multiple shopping engines. Once updated in administration panel, information will be changed automatically in all the online stores you are registered. Supported formats are: csv, txt, xml. Read more about features of GoMage Feed Pro and try demo here GoMage Feed Pro - Magento Extensions

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    Senior Member dreammother is on a distinguished road
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    I was looking for a good shopping cart. I found card2card would be better for me. Thanks

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