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Thread: Combating Fraud.

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    Combating Fraud.

    eBay's new TOS. What do you think of it?

    Combating Fraud. We're increasing our efforts to combat fraud on the site with a variety of programs. For example, we've made some changes that allow us to address "Ask a Question" and "My Messages" spam and other malicious activities using our message systems. And we're making sure our disclosures about cooperating with law enforcement allow us to respond to increasingly sophisticated fraudsters and criminals.

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    Thats good to see e-bay taking scammer more seriously but i dont think it`ll be enough to stop the scammers.Anyway thats a good step for the future of e-bay.

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    Personally, I don't think ebay could care less about fraud as long as they are getting their fees. These changes you mention plus the changes to protection levels on paypal are just a pr exercise to lull users into thinking the site is a safer place.

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    I would diagree with that. It is not just a pr excercies but an effort to enusre that participants are not ripped off. This would ensure greater participation from the users thereby generating more business.

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    Wow, that' a great work that is doing by eBay. I think it's really good for both buyer and seller to carry out their purchase and selling securely. I really appreciate their new approach. Thanks

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