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Thread: Domain Names

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    Domain Names

    Some people sell domain names on ebay with Page Rank but most of the times the PageRank is fake and is only got with a 302 redirect. A perfect method to check it is to enter it on google (site:www.domain.com) and see the cached page, if it matches the page then it is real otherwise fake.
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    Thats true, I have been a victim of fake Page Rank domain, it was of no use for me. Also if you are getting domain via free push, do lock it and change whois so one can't transfer it to themselves again.

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    All you have to do is use the official PR checker before placing a bid.

    Google PageRank Checker - Check Google page rank of any web pages

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    I just type it into my browser and use the Firefox extension for checking PR and Alexa ranking. I sell a fair amount of domain names on Ebay but I stay away from domains with PR as you are usually better selling them on Sedo.
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    Thats true, i feel i am quite lucky as i have not experienced it yet as i am taking a lot of care regarding that.

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    Thats an old way to scam people with pr.Nowadays everybody knows what is real pr and very caeful when they purchase domains on the net.There are some other ways for fake pr other than 302 redirect.

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    now people are able to distinguish scams very effictively. but the sad thing is that the other side is also trying new ways .

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