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Thread: PayPal Credit card chargeback question

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    PayPal Credit card chargeback question

    hi, new member here. i am an online merchant, i took a credit card over the phone from a customer and charged him using the paypal virtual terminal. This was a VISA card. customer also faxed over copy of driver license and copy of back and front of the card. we shipped the item (watch) to the billing address that is on the card, and according to the FED-EX log online, the watch has been delivered to the person who bought it and signed for. 1 month later we receive a call from that customer, saying he did not approve that transaction and he is doing a chargeback. now paypal is reviewing it and i have provided them with all the info: copy of the FedEx log with his signature on it as well as his driver license and copy of the credit card.

    What are my chances of winning this ?

    Thanks, Jon

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    Junior Member Aschwin Prein is on a distinguished road
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    I would say your chances are pretty good. To be honest I have no chargeback experience with VISA but I do know MasterCard rules. As you have proof the watch was shipped, delivered and signed for and also a copy of the drivers licence and card you should be fine.

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    Pretty much your chances are slim to none.

    All the customer has to do is claim his wallet containing his credit card and driver license was lost or stolen or that someone else obtained illegal access to the documents in question. As for FedEx delivery records, if -- and it is a big if -- you actually shipped to the customer's credit card billing address, they will claim the thief either intercepted the shipment -- especially if they live in an apartment building.

    At the initial stages of the chargeback process the merchant may prevail, but if it is pushed by the customer into the Visa arbitration process, you will probably lose. There are specific examples in the Visa Chargeback Manual about arbitration and the customer rarely loses. Not only will you eat the loss of the product and your bank's chargeback fees, but the loser also eats Visa's $700+ arbitration fee.

    MasterCard works virtually the same way.

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