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Thread: PayPal 3-D Secure is supported by GoMage LightCheckout -one page checkout for Magento

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    PayPal 3-D Secure is supported by GoMage LightCheckout -one page checkout for Magento

    GoMage Releases the New Version of LightCheckout Magento Extension

    GoMage LightCheckout transforms the default Magento checkout process into a simple one-step checkout that significantly reduces shopping cart abandonment rate. The new features of the new version are:

    VAT verification for the Europe Union countries using VAT Information Exchange System is one of the most important newly added features of the extension. It will make your online store trustworthy and your business safer.
    Java Script is about 30% faster. It makes your website pages load faster that guarantee better shopping experience for your customers.
    Optional delivery date and time is a very useful feature as it shows customers that you really care about their needs (time, convenience).
    Changing quantity of products on the checkout page. In case customers wish to increase or decrease quantity of items, they donít need to come back to the product page; they can do it directly upon checkout. It is very convenient and time saving.
    Possibility of removing items upon checkout will luckily keep your customers loyal to your store as you always give them a chance to change their mind. Experience shows that many shoppers abandon their purchases because the final cost is higher than they are willing to pay and they do not have enough patience to go through the whole procedure once again.
    Enabling/disabling shopping cart. As we included all essential features of shopping cart to our checkout page, you can simply disable it from the control panel as an unnecessary step of checkout process. Here the choice is yours: to keep your store more modern or traditional.
    PayPal 3-D Secure support. PayPal 3-D Secure is a fraud prevention feature required by MasterCard Compliance rules for all UK websites that wish to accept Maestro card payments and enables online stores to participate in the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode programs.
    Discount coupons entry on the checkout page allows customers to insert discount coupon number upon checkout.
    Possibility of address selection from the Address Book. In the modern mobile world many people constantly move from place to place and changing address manually every time is very frustrating and time consuming. This feature will facilitate your travelling customers to complete their orders faster by simply choosing address from their Address Book.
    Automatic detection of user's Country, City or Zip/Postcode with GeoIP technology became an essential feature of every reputed online store. It provides you with right information about your customers and saves their time on filling out the details.
    Checked/unchecked Newsletter Checkbox by default and changing checkout page view are possible from administration panel according to the business needs.

    Taking into consideration old and new features offered by GoMage LightCheckout module it can be considered as an undoubtedly useful investment that converts every satisfied visitor into a regular customer and constantly increases income.
    GoMage LightCheckout - Extensions

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    can this new system reduce all fraud and scam possibilities to zero?

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