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Thread: chargebacks on a Visa Debit card???

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    chargebacks on a Visa Debit card???

    i recently bought one of those smokeless ecigs, well it was only 20 bucks but a month later i found out they enrolled me into some BS recurring charge for 90 bucks a month for refill cartridges which i never agreed to... they have yet to give me my money back after i complained and canceled when they said they were going to refund me... can i issue a chargeback if i used a visa debit card?

    also, i recently purchased a 40 dollar book on amazon... well the USPS site says it was delivered a week ago, and it wasnt. I pick up my mail in person everyday from the mail man... i imagine they probably delivered to the wrong house. nonetheless, USPS is not helping me, and neither is the book store. So if it comes down to it, i want to issue a charge back for this as well... is this possible?

    how do i go about doing this?

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    Re: chargebacks on a Visa Debit card???

    I think it would be possible to chargeback, but it probably depends on what the fine print of their contract says...

    As for the book, this has happened to me before. The delivery company kept saying that it was delivered. However, it wasn't at the house. I'd just assumed it got stolen by one of the neighbors. Then, somehow amazon ended up refunding me. I'm not sure how, but I guess the package got returned.

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