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Thread: $2600 charge back against me PLEASE HELP

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    Unhappy $2600 charge back against me PLEASE HELP

    I had a website that was selling laptops. I was in the process of shutting it down because it was costing me too much to keep it running. I just arrived at the airport on my way to get married when i got a message on my phone saying that someone had made the purchase of a laptop for $2600. The transaction was done online through securepay.com.au and then through my merchant account at my bank. I never got time to check the phone number of the person that made the transaction but i did check to see if the address given was real. And it was.. so i rang my suppliers and got them to send the laptop to the person.
    1 month later the bank called me and said they was going to take $2600 from my account because the credit card that was used turned out to be fraud..(stolen) I believe the credit card owner lives in the US, and the transaction was made here in Australia.
    I'm not giving the money to the bank and they have tried to take the money from my account without any authorisation..,
    so do you think i have any chance of successfully disputing this... as i just don't have the money to pay it..
    Whats the best way to dispute it?

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    Junior Member loosechange is on a distinguished road
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    Re: $2600 charge back against me PLEASE HELP

    Have a look at the terms and conditions on securepay's website and your bank merchant account for transactions that turn out to be fraudulent. That's the only way you are going to be able to go forward.

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    Re: $2600 charge back against me PLEASE HELP

    Wow, this is a really frustrating thing. If they don't have access to actually get the money from you, their only method is court. If they do that you'll have to get a lawyer. Tell us how it turns out.

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    Re: $2600 charge back against me PLEASE HELP

    I would have thought that going through two levels before you would offer some protection. Isn't there also a way to recover the phone number, considering you had the address checked?

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    Re: $2600 charge back against me PLEASE HELP

    I'm new to this, so please bear with me. You checked out the address on the card, right? I assume the computer was sent to that address. Unless the person is saying that someone in the household used the card without authorization, how could the card be stolen? One more thing, was the computer delivered? If so, the owner of the card is allowing it to be in their home, which would indicate an approval of the purchase, right? It wouldn't help you with the chargeback, but wouldn't the person have to return the computer in order to claim a chargeback? It sounds like the person is attempting to get a free computer to me.

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    Re: $2600 charge back against me PLEASE HELP

    Excellent point Moneymagnet. Many places these days refuse to accept a different delivery address from that registered with the card for this exact reason. I would like to hear more from the OP because I can't understand how a card could be stolen in one country and used in another without it having been reported.

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