hello everyone,

I need your help, im launching e commerce site soon and we are opening a merchant account and we will accept visa and MasterCard.
I have some knowledge about charge backs but i would like to have more informations from a pro who has dealt for a long time with credit cards.

The web site will be about handmade products usually for consumers of 18-25 years old not more and our customers will be mostly worldwide.
The company i will work with have the " Verified By Visa and Master Card Secure Code " so im not sure if it really helps.

I just want to know how much charge backs percentage should i expect because we used to use paypal on ebay and the percentage was a little high like 5%.
so i just want to know if its higher like on paypal or lower and how much in general if lower like 1% or more? i just want to have an idea.

I also offer online tracking with DHL so if anyone said that they didn't authorize the purchase will i automatically win the charge back automatically since i have a proof that i shipped the item?
and if not for sure how much chance in percentage do you have to win a charge back?
And if the buyer said that the item is not a described how can i proof that he's lying? because as a see it its just a point of view and nobody can prove anything in such case.

In summary i really need to know how much is the average of charge backs with credit cards compared to paypal by percentage so i can know how much should my product be sold at.
Thanks a lot for all your help