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Thread: card processing solutions and elavon . Do you have any advice ?

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    Junior Member caroline fall is on a distinguished road
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    Unhappy card processing solutions and elavon . Do you have any advice ?

    Hello. I run a small flower shop and have a terminal from cps and elavon. Two weeks ago they took 388.00 from my business account. When i asked why they said it was a chargeback as the customer never authorised the transaction. I was not notified by either company of the chargeback or dispute. However i have been to where i delivered the goods and they are still in the front garden !!
    I cancelled the direct debit to stop the money being paid back and took photos of the goods and recieved a crime reference number.
    I have now had All my funds froze by elavon and card processing solutions untill i pay the 388.00 to unlock my account. As they still have nearly 1.000 pound of cleared funds put through the pdq machine in the last eight days im being held to ransom.
    Neither company will take any responsibilty for the position im in and unless my funds are cleared by friday i may well go out of business as i cannot afford to pay for fresh stock.
    Any suggestions ??
    Oh and further more ive heard nothing about the fraudulent chargeback from anybody !!

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    Exclamation Re: card processing solutions and elavon . Do you have any advice ?


    Sorry to hear your problem with Elavon and unfortunately you are just another victim. I have the similar problem with Elavon about 2 years ago and they used a customer inquiry (not chargeback) to suspense my accounts as well as went into my bank account withdrew all the cash. Actually they tried to reverse all the transactions for last 3 months even I don't have any single chargeback and the customer inquiry was solved in one phone call as well. Elavon not only failed to listen to me, they even made up story themselves and cancel my account and made withdrawal after the customer withdrew the inquiry. They even not answered my call and I have to contact the investor relation of US Bank (mother company of Elavon) to force the call me back. I made my complaint to Costco, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) in the US and Ministry of Finance in Canada but no help at all. Finally, they returned my money 4 months later but they already apply some unknown charges and never explained. I am still working to gather people to bring Elavon to the law.

    My advise to you is immediately get another credit card processor but watch out not anyone related to Elavon, they use many re-seller as well. Also check with your bank to see if Elavon still able to withdraw money from your bank account. If yes, immediately cancel it get a new one. Afterwards, bring the case to your local authorities, BBB, regulators and post your complaints on internet. You may also want to bring your complaints to US officials as elavon is a subsidiary of US Bank such as FTC and OCC. Even though these complaints may not be fruitful immediately but it will work if enough complaints come up.

    Finally, prepare a long term battle with Elavon and don't expect any refund soon and in full amount. And consult trustworthy lawyer as well to see any legal action can take.

    Hope you can get thru it. Bless you!

    Vancouver, Canada

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    Re: card processing solutions and elavon . Do you have any advice ?

    The poster above me has some good advice. The only thing I can do is echo to get a new processor immediately and to get a lawyer. I don't know if your province has a business ombudsman or something equivalent to an attorney general in the states, but if they do, I would consider contacting them as well.

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    Re: card processing solutions and elavon . Do you have any advice ?

    Sorry to hear about your problem ad I hope you are still in business. If your merchant services account was set up through an Elavon reseller, I would contact them directly to see what pressure they can bring to bear on Elavon to resolve the situation. I work for a UK-based Elavon reseller and we have direct relationships with key Elavon personnel in the US. It's just a fact of life that due to the volumes of business generated through the reseller channel, resellers' voices are heard above those of small merchants. Also your continued business will probably be more important to the reseller so it should be in their best interests to assist you in any way they can. Kind regards, Emilius.

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    Nice post. Keep posting such needed information. Thank's!

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