Hi all, I have a situation and I'm wondering about whether or not a chargeback is an acceptable response, an I hop you can help me out:

I'm an Aussie residing in Canada, and I recently purchased a bike online from a company is Wisconsin using my Aus PayPal account. Now because my Aus PayPal account will only let me have an Australian shipping address, I talked to the company beforehand and made sure that we could change the address after the order was placed. They also said that because It was initially listed as going to Aus, I would be charged $180 postage rather than $70, however the difference would be reimbursed.

Skip forward two weeks later, I'm charged the full postage amount and the bike is turns up at my Australian house, and the company is entirely unwilling to accept any responsibility for this happening...telling me that I not only have to pay the extra $110 USD to post it over to Australia, but also to get it posted back, putting me around $300 USD out of pocket for their mistake.

Does this lack of ownership and failure to meet the original terms of the deal justify a chargeback?