I've been following all the noise around Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and from everything I've seen on their official forums, a LOT of people are extremely unhappy with MW2 for the lack of support from IW and Activision over their product. And with such mass displeasure, the inevitable desire for refunds have started rolling through their forums.

Being that it is a piece of software, it's not normally a returnable product unless obviously defective (broken or warped CD, etc.)

But what about Not As Described? Their forums are starting to call for mass chargebacks of MW2 sales due to the game being Not As Described, and citing the developer's description of their major (and highly disputed) component, IWNet as not functioning as IW has described.

Having done collections for an issuer for a couple of years, it piqued my interest and raised a few questions that, perhaps, can be answered here to help both those consumers and the retailers with this potential flashpoint.

Warning: IW's forums are prone to throwing errors.

Infinity Ward - MW2 PC forum
Infinity Ward - IW staff's description of IWNet

And there's endless complaints about issues that "IWNet" was supposed to prevent throughout the MW2 PC forum, and mutliple patches in a single month have not addressed the consumers' issues regarding the product.

On to the questions:

1) Do those consumers have a legitimate cause for a chargeback request?

2) Do the retailers have any method of defense against such chargebacks, without having to issue refunds for software?

3) What other resolution methods are available for consumers in this type of scenario?