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Thread: My tip for fighting back

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    Wink My tip for fighting back

    I'd like to introduce a way round the eBay feedback system in order to fully warn other buyers and sellers of crooks (chargeback fraudsters, etc.) on eBay; I would like to help set a trend if I can.

    If only!
    a) If only users would not leave feedback straight away.
    b) If only users on eBay would Google their buyer's and / or seller's user names to look for problems. For example, try Googling "history_relics", "leonmad" and "majabali" and you should get the picture.
    c) If only warnings could be picked up on quickly by the likes of Google, so that after just a day your warnings are right up there.

    First, wait until the last moment before you leave anyone feedback, WAIT 59 DAYS so any chargebacks etc. come to light before you leave anything.

    Second, if you have a problem with a buyer for example, you can not leave negative feedback right? Not even in disguise. But you can leave positive feedback and say "My recommendation is to Google username and make your own mind up" - it is not so negative so that eBay CS will definitely remove it and anyway it starts getting the message around to Google users before you ship.

    Third, you need to get the likes of Google ranking your complaints about bad eBay users high and quickly. First, when you publish / post your complaint on a forum, bulletin board or blog, do so with a simple title "username warning" - this helps rank "username" high because it is in the title; it also is very attention grabbing for anyone researching "username". Publish / post your complaint on a number of forums BECAUSE you will then get several "username warning" into the search returns and it will really hit username bad. Make sure you use vBay me internet auction forums -> eBay fraud because they a) have search engine friendly URL's and b) submit any and all complaints to special feeds which Google picks up on immediately.

    Please, if we can stop users from simply looking at the eBay feedback system and instead start Googling usernames, payback time can be ours!
    Thank you

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    Re: My tip for fighting back

    Things have gotten very complicated these days with feedback haven't they? I preferred it about 5 years ago, it seems I had far less problems then.

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