I was hoping to get some light shed on this chargeback code. We recieved a chargeback notice with reason code 53(defective/not as described).

We sell expensive learning courses on CD, and customers will simply install & copy them and send them back. So, we have in our terms and conditions that once opened, we will replace any item that is defective, but cannot accept a return once opened.

Looking at the Visa chargeback rules, it seems this is a way for any customer to get out of a transaction, regardless of the terms and conditions they agreed to.

We sold a CD to a customer, on the chargeback from, they claim it "Locked up computer", it is defective, and that we will not replace or fix it".

In reality, the customer told us they demand we replace it with a different product, and will not accept a replacement of the same item, because it will just lock up thier computer again, and threatened a chargeback if we didn't.

Is there any effective way to defent against this?