Hello,I'm new in this forum and I have a question about charge back via Paypal.
I'm playing in the game Silkroad online ,and I was bought from someone character on this game.
The problem I have is the personal I bought from him the character used Paypal as payment way for buy equipment/staff on the game.
And the rule of the company of the game Silkroad online that,if you make charge back about her staff you used you get automatic banned on the character you did the charge back.
And the person I bought from him can do it every second,so If I can login to him Paypal account that he purchased with him the staff to the player ,there is way to delete the history of the buying and than will solve the problem because he will not be able to charge back and everyrthing will be okay with the account.
or If I login to him Paypal I can send them a letter about the situation and to tell them to make it unpossible to make charge back on the staff that the account I bought from the personal who have this Paypal with him agreement?
Thanks alot ,waiting for answer It's urgent so try to help the best as you can.