Damn seller scammed me. I paid for virtual/service good to be electronically delivered, through paypal not knowing they don't cover virtual goods and services. Problems arised when the seller failed to deliver good and kept giving superficial reassurances. We contacted via email. The email he registered with paypal is different from the one he used to contact me but when I made a dispute I gave details of the email header. The email conversation wasn't kept professional, my bad, so it looked confusing. And the advert he used was gumtree so there isn't any negative ebay feedback I can give.

Because the good is delivered eletronically, there is no excuse to pretend it had been delivered. If I say it hasn't been delivered, simply email it again. The seller refused to refund me, telling me to f*** off and go ahead and make a chargeback.

Then I later escalated it to a paypal claim, still not knowing it doesn't work. So I found out and phoned up Halifax to make a chargeback claim under the visa debit card scheme and they took a whole month to lodge the claim with paypal.

Now my bank is telling me it 'can' take up to 3 months before they get a response. If no response is given by then then I get my money back. Meantime the seller keeps my 150 interest free. Luckily I paid using my visa debit card and not paypal funds otherwise I've already guaranteed to have lost my money. I thought once the chargeback claim has been lodged it takes 1-2 weeks for the seller to respond.

I have no doubt that the seller will deliberately drag the process out. Can he do something such as closing his paypal account, taking all funds out of it, changing bank, etc?

I heard there is a chargeback fee for the seller if I'm successsful with my claim. How much is it and do both paypal and my bank charge this fee or has the seller got away with several months interest free 150?

He's probably laughing his a** off at me right now.