I was on xfire (instant messenger) and was talking to the owner(actually imposter) of OGKeys.com (website that sell retail codes). We negioated at $55.00. I sent him money through paypal instant transfer. Now after accepting funds he ask me to open and close the dispute so I can't charge back before he could send me code. I refused and asked him to send email listed on the website. He said he don't have access to it since he was not in office. I then asked him to partially refund me. He gave me $11.64 back. I opend dispute at paypal. We exchanged responses.

He claimed, since I didn't provide him my shipping address I automatically lose the case. I then went in detail of paypal's policies, and later on he gave me a tracking code which was 2 digits short and fake. I then sent email to real owner of website and ask him to confirm. The real owner said I have been scammed and ask me to contanct paypal to get money back. Meanwhile I attached the chat history and screenshot of the real owner of website saying I paid to an imposter.

Here are things against me
-didn't provide shipping address
-traded on instant messenger

Here are things against imposter
-Refund me $11.64 to gain trust
-Provide fake tracking code. (It is invalid when entered in tracking website)
-Whois of real website shows is located in PA, USA. However the scammer's address is in UK.
-Real owner confiming that I paid to a scammer.

At the moment the case is being reviewed by paypal and i will hear anything from them by march 8th. He opend a dispute case on the $11.64 refund he gave me.

What should I do at this point? Wait for paypal? or talk to my credit card company and do a charge back through them. I don't want my paypal account to get locked...