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Thread: scaam alert! moneybookers!.

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    Junior Member shantystar is on a distinguished road
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    Thumbs up scaam alert! moneybookers!.

    I have only one account with money bookers,now theyare closing my account,with 130$ app.in this and wants to pay me only 50$,anyone can suggest me any helpful email address of that scam site admin,due to country restriction they said in my querry response they are closing account!i have spent 4 years their happilly now britishers rel face off,that is of stealers!bastards!ass hole!.
    i explain fyurther as they blocked my account i made anew one,i inform them,vicky,tobby,stell there reps. names,i send 25 euros in that return back in my account,i did this,than i send 75# iin my second account i sent them documents of my pp,utility bill,sbank stsements etc.
    but they forfeit my 777777775$ and willing to pay back me 50$ that are currently in my first acocunt,they said you severe violate the mb rule nd regulations.

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    Junior Member vkxxiii is on a distinguished road
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    Im sorry, I would try to help you but you would first need to organize the information you have given the rest of the users and myself a little better, before we can fully understand what your saying.

    In my Opinion, I wouldnt even get a moneybookers account. Ive heard a few bad things.

    Just stick to paypal, or alertpay

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    I think Moneybookers only closes accounts that have fraudaulent activities and are violating their TOS.

    Follow their rules and they will let you use their service.

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    i have got into contact with some of the guys and what i learned was that they close the acconts once they seen that they are violating their TOS.

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