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Thread: chargeback question

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    chargeback question

    I had a volkswagen worked on by a local garage. They claimed they would fix it. I paid them $1600 over the phone via my American Express after they claimed they fixed it. Note: I haven't even been to the garage since i dropped off the car.

    While I'm driving to pick it up they call me back and say "your transmission is out" and state that they didn't catch it initially and thats its probably not worth fixing the car now. So i have a worthless car now & I'm out $1,600 cause they didn't seem to keen on the idea of refunding me any of it.

    I'm not real sure how chargebacks work but since i've never signed anything for payment can i instigate a chargeback or will i be submitted for collections and be destroyed at a later date?

    They claim they legitimately did not know about the transmission failure before they did all the work. I think I'm entitled to a partial refund for their inability to detect this error initially cause there was no transmission problems when i brought it in. I also took it somewhere else to see the problems before i took it there & they stated no transmission problems. The fact is that they may have been the cause for the transmission problem.

    Any help would be great.

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    Senior Member willyoumind is on a distinguished road
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    WoW, this is a pretty tough problem here, but I think you can find the solution by referring at the below website:

    WorkZ : Minimize Credit Card Chargebacks

    Hope you can overcome this matter as soon as possible!

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    You really have a right to get back your money. I have resolved similar disputes for Visa / Master card scenarios, but i am not fully aware of how Amex dispute rights work. But you may call your bank and dispute as "Quality of Workmanship", i am sure the dispute form that the bank gives would have some option for you to choose the dispute as quality of services. You may also have to get your volkswagen checked by another mechanic, so as to be certain that the proevious mechanic's quality of work was bad, so that you had suffered a loss of $1600. Hope this helps..

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    have you called them and threatened a chargeback? that works really well most of the time

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    Car repair shops are the WORST. They love ripping people off whenever they can, especially when they spot that the customer has no knowledge about cars. I agree with califmerchant, call them up and bitch them out till they give in.

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    Out of Gas

    First thing you need to do is get your car back and take it to another dealership and find out if your transmission is really shot or if they were just trying to get more money out of you. Make sure to keep this new inspection and the one prior to dropping it off close together also get the new place to double check everything the first one was supposed to do and claims they did. If all is true and they are the cause of your misfortune then you have all rights to charge this back. Believe it or not your bank is on your side most of the time you will have to fill out a claim form and write a statement but it seems worth the $1600.00. DO understand that this process may take a little bit of time but in the end I believe you will be happy.

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