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Thread: Chargeback Timescale????

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    Junior Member kjbow is on a distinguished road
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    Chargeback Timescale????


    Just come across this website after searching for information in chargebacks.
    Just wondering if anyone can help me.
    I tried selling my phone on ebay about 2months ago, It sold to someone in India. I had stated UK only and sent him an email explaining this.. he also had no feedback. He assured me he wasn't a scammer and sent me the money immediately through paypal to prove to me he wasn't a scammer. So I thought I would wait until the money had cleared to my bank account and then send the phone. Looking on ebay forums though it explained how buyers can use stolen credit cards, and when you have sent the item a few months down the line there is a chargeback and u lose item and money. Anyway after having my doubts i emailed him to say I wasn't happy sending the phone abroad.. etc. He didn't reply for about a wk then came back to me saying that was fine if I didn't want to send the phone.
    SO I tried refunding him via paypal and it said I was unable to as he did not have a credit card registered to his account. I emailed him to say I couldn't refund him via paypal and how did he want me to refund the money. He has never answered me back.. suggesting it was a stolen credit card. Now I have 120 in my paypal which I am not touching. I was wondering is there a timescale for chargebacks?? and after so long can I just take the money out??

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    Member subesh is on a distinguished road
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    Try finding anyway possible that you can refund him whether it be moving the money to a different money transfer service. If you keep the money, two things are going to follow you. Your guilt and he might take action against you at any time.

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    Junior Member kjbow is on a distinguished road
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    Thanks for the reply.
    I have looked into other ways of transfrerring the money other than with Paypal, but the Buyer is not replying any messages and I cannot get any bank details off him to tranfer it back. According to Paypal he does not have a registered credit card on his account. I have suggested he registers one so I can pay the money back, but still nothing.
    It is annoying having the money sitting there and not being able to touch it!

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    So, kjbow. Is there any chances that you have transferred the money since it's has been half years, since your last trade...?

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