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Thread: chargebacks and escrow

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    Junior Member marigot is on a distinguished road
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    chargebacks and escrow

    One thing I am real curious about. I have thought about using escrow(dot)com to sell some domains but they accept credit cards as payment.

    So how does that protect me or anybody else. The person gets the domain name, you think you have your money, everything is confirmed and concluded, then 2 months down the road, the person does a chargeback on their cc.

    How is the seller protected? Does escrow eat the cost and the seller keeps her money? Or is the seller hit with the chargeback and therefore lost the domain and the money?

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    Senior Member ltjman22 is an unknown quantity at this point
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    There are online measurements in place to do away with stuff like this. Just use well know, I mean well known companies for this type of transaction! You could do this on a forum also where mods would be listening to your conversations, get more than just you and buyer involved in the transaction. Unless you get a real dirtbag, it's not going to happen anyway!

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    Senior Member steel_angel is an unknown quantity at this point
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    Right now I do not think that they have to much protection toward this type of thing.. as Itjman22 said that get more then 1 person involved and maybe it will be a good transaction adn you can support yourself.

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    You don't have to worry when you are using escrow.com because they work as middleman. The buyer will send the money first to escrow and you'll send the domain to escrow, now escrow will forward the domain to buyer and after getting green signal from him, they will send you your money. I have used them for website sale.
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    Escrow.com is going to be protected because they are going to be able to show the paper trail of the domain being transfered in the dispute process, so the seller will be ok in this situation. It's all about documentation in these instances.
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    Yeah they work as middle men for large transactions, whereas if you went through Paypal you would have no protection from getting your transaction secured.
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