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Thread: American Express will not allow us to challenge their chargebacks??

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    Junior Member 2co_chargebacks is on a distinguished road
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    American Express will not allow us to challenge their chargebacks??

    Hello members,

    I am writting this from Japan.

    My store sold $2500 USD order to the customer in Russia.
    One week after he received his order, we got a notification of chargebacks (reason: non-fraud) from the credit card processing company (2checkout.com)
    The customer had purchased our products before and those sales was processed properly.
    I wanted to challenge to this chargeback and contacted to 2checkout, but they only told me that American Express do not allow them to challenge.

    Last time we got a chargeback, it was VISA and we could challenge with the proof of deliver (it didn't work as the credit card holder insists that her family used her credit card without her permission). It didn't work, but I could have the chance to challenge.

    Is this common that the merchants are not allowed to challenge to American express chargebacks?

    Could you please advise me how I can challenge to them with American Express chargeback?
    It's my first time with chargeback by American Express CC.

    Thank you for reading this posting.

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    Senior Member Manning is on a distinguished road
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    I don't know what you can do if American Express will not allow challenges to chargebacks. I hope someone else can answer that. I do know in my area of the United States, some businesses will no longer accept American Express. Perhaps that is one of the reasons. Would contacting the customer directly be an option? I wish you well on getting your money back. $2500 is a lot to lose.

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    Junior Member 2co_chargebacks is on a distinguished road
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    Manning: Thank you for your prompt response to my posting. It is good to know that some businesses no longer accept American Express in USA. I think our store will remove American Express from the payment option. The customer never respond to our emails. I called but no answer to my call.......It is so frastrating that I can not find the way to challenge to the chargeback.

    To Members:
    Any information about challenging to the chargebacks to American Express will be really helpful.
    Thank you.

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    Junior Member Blindsided is on a distinguished road
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    That's got to hurt to lose such a big sale. I agree with Manning: If this customer has already made some good purchases with you, why won't you maybe contact them?

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    Junior Member 2co_chargebacks is on a distinguished road
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    Blindsided: Thank you for your advise. Actually I could not get the customer over the phone and email. I am worry about that he will chargeback other past sales in the future.........

    Is anyone here know the chargeback process of American Express?
    Any infromation will be appreciated.

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    Senior Member ethicsplease is on a distinguished road
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    I have never even heard about this from American Express before, that seems very odd. What types of products or services are you selling? I wonder if its a random location issue or product issue (I have heard about it in the past but not with American Express).

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    Junior Member 2co_chargebacks is on a distinguished road
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    Nov 2011
    I am using 2checkout.com as credit card processing comapny.
    According to them, American Express will not allow 2Checkout.com to challenge their chargebacks because 2Checkout.com does not ship any send any products out,
    they only process the payment.
    For that reason American Express only send 2Checkout.com two reason codes fraud or non-fraud.

    Now I understand that the reason I can not challenge this chargeback is because I am using credit card processing service.

    I had been using 2checkout.com service more than 5 years and I could challenge to the chargeback to Visa.
    So this may be the issue between American Express and 2Checkout.com.

    Because I can not ask any more help to 2checkout.com, I posted this fraud on the web site forum in Russia (the buyer chargebacked was from Russia).
    I am selling sports goods so I could easily find the web site.
    As I can not read Russian language, I posted in English, and there was a very nice Russian guy contacted to me that he was wiilingto help me.
    He called the customer in Russia who made chargeback for me.
    We found out that he was a scam but scared to go to jail (it seems that fraud is at least 2 years penalty in Russia).

    The scam agreed to return the merchandise which he purchased from us.
    I also demanded him to pay the shipping we paid $200 to Russia.
    I am currently waiting for his response.

    I had experienced some fraud orders before, but it is my first time that the scam responded to me and return the merchandise.
    I will let you know guys if everything resolved.

    Thank you for giving me advises.

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