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Thread: This years tally

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    This years tally

    How many charge backs have you had this year? We have had three, two which were fraudulent to start with (the Sony hacks) that came out this past year and one that we fought and won.

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    we've had 5. I sell a virtual product so there's really no way for me to ever win a chargeback.

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    I have a couple of digital products that I sell. My payment processor is PayPal. It's totally pointless not allow charge backs since all the customer has to do is complain to PayPal. I've had to refund three. One for sure was a fraud because the person requested a refund just a few minutes after purchasing.

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    3, two were fraud issues and we had no problems doing it because they ended up being stolen credit cards. Too many of those floating around too. The last one someone incorrectly ordered and rather than having us help to fix the issue and resolve the problem they just CB'd and ignored all contact we attempted to establish.

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    I've had a fairly good year, only 3 charge backs. I also use Paypal and it is pointless to disagree with the customer, as Paypal always sides with the customers it seems. I wish I could use other payment methods, but I sold mostly on E-Bay this year and E-Bay only allows Paypal now!

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    Knock on wood here but we have only dealt with one so far. It was a chargeback for someone who ordered a product and it ended up being something they could not use. Instead of a store credit they went ahead and charged back.

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