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Thread: Moneybookers: I am not able to withdraw money, what should I do? [HELP]

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    Moneybookers: I am not able to withdraw money, what should I do? [HELP]

    Account is 1/2 locked (I can log and probably do everything, but I can't withdraw money)

    They sent me mail with text they want check my identity and asked if account is personal etc. etc. I can't provide ebay Id's or something like that, because everything was for virtual goods. Ok, I replied to a ticket about 14 days ago. (I did't send a Copy of my Incorperation Certificate or Business Licence, because it's personal account and I do not own it, so..)

    but the problem is, my account is still locked and I still don't have answer in my email... I also about 10 days ago joined their page on facebook, and tried to get help... someone told me ill get an email within 48 hrs (im writting this 6 days later and still nothing) yesterday, i sent my second ticket with same text...

    also i found this in my the email "Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience. Once the documents mentioned above have been received, the verification of your account may take up to two business days, you will receive confirmation that your account is fully verified. Please be advised that we are legally obliged to freeze your account if it is left unverified."

    so what should I do? I replied to the ticket, but I didn't get answer... I dont wanna lose 150$... what's the problem guys? please, help me.... I offered in ticket that I can provide identity card or something what they need.... please, what should I do?

    and sorry for my bad eng :S

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    do they have live chat service? You better use that to talk to their customer service directly about this problem

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