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Thread: Chargeback fraud Db

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    Junior Member Tomboy is on a distinguished road
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    Chargeback fraud Db

    We run a international e-biz and are really tierd thats its so easy to make CB in US, in EU its much harder and client really need to show have genuine reason and proof.

    Somone should start a website with information for e-businesses to check "black listed" customers at least to get an idea when making a larger charge to avoid e-shoplifters..


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    Member Streeter is on a distinguished road
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    I wonder why there is such a difference in attitude to chargebacks between continents. It makes sense that the claimant has some evidence rather than being allowed to do this at their will, but I'm not sure of the legalities of your suggestion. Such a list could be abused by shady companies too, right?

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    Junior Member Tomboy is on a distinguished road
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    Dec 2008
    Streeter, well legal it wont be, but neither is placing false CB and claims that banks dont care about, they actually makes money on CB that merchants has to pay.
    regarding shady companies, there must be some serious guys behind this and claims must be well logged before any "blacklisting" will happen.

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    Senior Member JeanMarley is on a distinguished road
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    You cannot have a blacklist if you don't know who these people are. If you know who they are then they must have been punished for fraud, yes? Europe has always been rigid in it's requirement for evidence of wrongdoing.

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    Member Jinderoo is on a distinguished road
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    I have a British friend who had to fight the bank tooth and nail to avoid being liable for money spent on a stolen debit card. (The loss was fairly immediate and despite being reported as stolen within thirty minutes there was a fair amount gone from his account.)

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    Member U-turn is on a distinguished road
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    I don't know why, but in the US they are too quick to say that the customer is always right. The customer is not always right! As a matter of fact, the customer is often wrong, but we try to do what we can to kiss their butts and make them happy. It has really been taken out of context and gone too far! Because customers know we will bend over backwards, they make us jump through hoops to get their business. I think in Europe they have the right idea, and the customers know better than to go overboard, or they won't get anything at all!

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    Member Chargebacknation is on a distinguished road
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    Hey everyone, I just joined this forum and it looks like I did it right in time. I'm an online merchant that got tired of false chargebacks. I sell a Virtual product and becuase i don't sell a physical product, i almost never get good results from chargebacks. I decided to start a free(for as long as I can afford it) online database where merchants can search for people who are a high risk to sell to(frequently do chargebacks). The site depends on merchants actively being a part of it and reporting chargebacks. Can anyone advise me on if there are any legal issues with such a database and how to get the word out to merchants? The site is called Charge Back Nation: How to fight a Chargeback, Ways to fight a chargeback

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    Junior Member boonodoh is on a distinguished road
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    Tomboy, are the chargebacks you are seeing by friendly fraud or actual stolen card fraud? It's much harder to fight friendly fraud then actual fraud.

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