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Thread: Fraud: http://expertload.com

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    Fraud: http://expertload.com

    I was searching for an e- book “Design your own Embedded Linux control centre on PC” on Google and the search took me to a website where I could download it.
    In order to get this e-book I had to sign up for a 3 days trial for only 0.65$ per day. Since it was so less a cost for an e-book I paid up using my HDFC credit card.
    I’m a regular on on-line purchases through amazon.com and eBay and I was quite surprised that this particular website did not take me through a confirmation page
    nor showed me the total cost charged on my credit card.
    After the payment I got a small confirmation box stating that the activation code is sent to may mail ID and still did not say how much amount I was charged.

    Below is the content of the mail (copied from my mail box)
    [email protected] to me
    show details 4:39 PM (3 hours ago)
    Dear customer
    Thank you for purchasing from open-billing.
    YOUR ACTIVATION CODE: 4416467538872381566196543953445885522264

    Web-site: expertload.com - The Future of Downloading.
    To activate your account, you should register and enter the ACTIVATION CODE into the "access code" filed at the lending page.
    Alternativley, follow the this link: http://expertload.com/?mod=pay&code=441646753887238156619654395344588552 2264
    Your payment will appear on your bank card statement under the name of 'world-wide-software' within next 5 business days to reflect purchase of the above registration key.

    If you have any questions or need assistance with this registration, payments or software please use our support: expertload.com - The Future of Downloading.

    Or call 1-800-603-1653.
    Sincerely, Customer Support.

    I went to this website and it allowed me to login.
    When I gave in the access code, it said that it was a wrong activation code! and did not allow me to download my book.
    After a few minutes I got an SMS on my mobile saying that I was charged Rs.2904.55 on my HDFC credit card on 20-Mar-2010 04:38 PM towards payment to WORLD-WIDESOFT.COM
    I was shocked to have got this charge for nothing....I would’ve actually got a hardcopy of the book at less than half this price...
    I even registered a ticket with the customer support link provided by them in the mail, but to no avail....
    I realised I was cheated and that this merchant was a fraud!
    Then I googled the solution and found many people had suffered from the same site as I did, so I decided to block my card and request for CHARGEBACK.
    Following are links to complaints regarding this web site.


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    Re: Fraud: http://expertload.com

    how fo you block your card and request for Chargeback??

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    Junior Member bindusun is on a distinguished road
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    Re: Fraud: http://expertload.com

    I did'nt get your question.
    Did you mean, how could I request for chargeback after blocking card?
    Since they told me at the website before transaction that i would be charged 0.65$
    but they actually charged me for $69 and that too for no service, I thought it better to block the card ASAP as they had got all my credit card details and I feared that they might make more charges on my card fraudulently.
    I blocked the card only after I called the HDFC credit card call centre and spoke to one of the executives to whom I explained the whole thing.
    He said that I could block this card and a new one will be sent with all the balance transferred and I did get the new card an pin too.
    Then as per the same personnel's advice I placed a request for chargeback.
    Why can't a chargebcak be claimed after blocking card?
    whats wrong with that?

    Quote Originally Posted by sahilshah89 View Post
    how fo you block your card and request for Chargeback??

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